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Latest update : 18 October.

Assistant professor at LIP.

Formerly (up to 2017) assistant professor and leader of the Synchrone group of the Verimag laboratory.

Ph.D (2005) and Habilitation (2014) in computer science from Grenoble Institute of Technology.

Research interests:

Articles in this section

  • Power and Temperature Estimation for SystemC/TLM

    This page gathers a few pointers on Power and Temperature analysis on top of SystemC/TLM platforms. Most of the work was carried out in the HELP project. Some publications: Co-Simulation of Functional SystemC TLM Models with Power/Thermal Solvers System-Level Modeling of Energy in TLM for Early Validation of Power and Thermal Management Co-Simulation of a SystemC TLM Virtual Platform with a Power Simulator at the Architectural Level: Case of a Set-Top Box Fast and Modular Transaction-Level-Modeling and Simulation of Power and Temperature (unpublished technical report) The (...)
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