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Si-Mohamed Lamraoui

Dedicated Compilation Techniques for SystemC (based on LLVM)

Friday 9 September 2011

Years: 2011 (TER UJF, Master 1 internship)
Co-supervisor: Claire Maiza
Subject: Dedicated Compilation Techniques for SystemC (based on LLVM)

SystemC is a C++ library allowing the design of the hardware blocks contained in a System-on-chip at different level of abstraction. As SystemC is a C++ library, the programs may be compiled with a common C++ compiler. But these compilers miss a lot of optimization opportunities specific to SystemC programs. In this paper, we introduce a way to improve simulation performances of SystemC programs using the LLVM compiler infrastructure.

See related talk: PinaVM and Tweto: Compilation and Optimization Techniques for SystemC.

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  • 9 September 2011
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