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latexpand, git-latexdiff : manipulate LaTeX files (diff, expand \input and \include, remove comments, ...)

jeudi 5 juillet 2012


git-latexdiff is a wrapper around latexdiff that allows one to diff a LaTeX file between two Git revisions.

Download sources : (snapshot)


latexpand is a simple Perl script that expands \include, \input, \usepackage and \bibliography macros. The most common use of latexpand is to simplify distribution of source LaTeX files, typically to satisfy the requirement of editors and archival sites (springer,, ...) who force the authors to submit sources. One does not necessarily want to submit sources with comments, and uploading a document made of several files including each other is a bit painful. By default, latexpand answers both problems by outputing a single LaTeX file that contain no comment.

Download sources : (snapshot)

latexpand on CTAN :

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