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Latest update : 29 September 2015.

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  • Focus Stacking with Free Software

    When align_image_stacked works http://blog.patdavid.net/2013/01/focus-stacking-macro-photos-enfuse.html When it doesn’t, and you need Hugin to manually control what’s going on Create layers with Hugin http://www.lemis.com/grog/photography/aligning-with-Hugin.php?dirdate=20130210&imagesizes=111111111111112#Photo-14 To export individual images and merge them together manually: – All tickbox unticked in "Combined stacks", – Nona options : untick "Save cropped images", – [X] No exposure correction, low dynamic range, – File saved as _exposure_layers_000.tif Open in Gimp – Open the first image, (...)
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