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Latest update : 1 December 2016.

Assistant professor and leader of the Synchrone group of the Verimag laboratory.

Ph.D (2005) and Habilitation (2014) in computer science from Grenoble Institute of Technology.

Research interests:

Articles in this section

  • Power and Temperature Estimation for SystemC/TLM

    This page gathers a few pointers on Power and Temperature analysis on top of SystemC/TLM platforms. Most of the work was carried out in the HELP project. Some publications: Co-Simulation of Functional SystemC TLM Models with Power/Thermal Solvers System-Level Modeling of Energy in TLM for Early Validation of Power and Thermal Management Co-Simulation of a SystemC TLM Virtual Platform with a Power Simulator at the Architectural Level: Case of a Set-Top Box Fast and Modular Transaction-Level-Modeling and Simulation of Power and Temperature (unpublished technical report) The (...)
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